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You should be able to avoid this error message if you run the setup.exe program directly from the DVD or CD. The setup.exe is located within the Disk1 folder on the CD or DVD for the game.


This error is usually caused by a damaged disk; you may want to try cleaning the disk first and then try to reinstall Stronghold Legends.


If this fails try copying the entire disk to a temporary folder on your hard disk. Then run the setup program from within the disk1 folder on the hard disk. If you are getting errors while copying try using a program, such as this one to attempt to get the data from the damaged area of the disk:


If all else fails return the game to the place of purchase. 

 A. First try locating the setup.exe within the Disk1 folder of the CD1. Once you click on this, the installation should continue as normal. If this does not work, please proceeded to step B.


B. Follow the instructions below to step 3, if you wish to remove Stronghold Legends.  Otherwise to step 4 if you wish to reinstall and then play the game.


A. If you are having trouble removing Stronghold Legends from your computer, please try the following steps:


1). Click on the start button then accessories and then load Windows explorer. Now select your C: drive, click on the ‘tools’ menu and select ‘folder options’, ‘View’, ‘Hidden Files and Folders’ and finally, ‘Show hidden files and folders’.


2). Click on the Program Files folder and locate the ‘Installshield Installation Information’ folder, within this folder you will find another named {66A405D2-BA14-4594-BF36-B3B544F0754E}. Please delete this folder.


3). Using Windows explorer click on the C: drive and click on the ‘Program Files’ folder and locate the ‘Firefly Studios’ folder, within this folder you will find another named ‘Stronghold Legends’. Please delete this folder.


(To reinstall) 4). Run the game using the setup.exe located within the disk1 folder on your CD1 and the installation should run as normal. To do this right click on the CD/DVD drive and select explore. Now navigate to the disk1 folder.


 The problem could possibly be caused by the copy protection the game uses, the first thing to try would be ensure you have the latest patch for Stronghold Legends, which is currently at version 1.2 available here.


If the same problem occurs, the next thing would be to ensure you don't have any of following software running:


If you have any of the following programs running in the background, you will have to either disable them or uninstall them. This is because the latest version of the copy protection software (Securom) will refuse to run with the following programs running in the background:


Alcohol 120%


Daemon Tools



Game Jackal

Xoom Game Clone


Virtual CD

Fantom CD



The creators of Securom have created a handy diagnostic tool, which may solve the issue you are having. If the diagnostic tool fails to solve the problem. Please following the instructions on creating a analysis file. Please click here.


This problem appears to be caused by Installshield. Installshield is used in the creation of the install & uninstall of Stronghold Legends.


To solve this problem, please follow the instructions below:


  • Open up My Computer
  • Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Cut out the Installshield folder and paste into temporary location.
  • Install Stronghold Legends as normal. You may want to try running the Setup.exe directly from the CD/DVD.
  • After the game is installed. Paste the Installshield folder back into: C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Also clear out the Windows temp folder. Usually located under: C:\Windows\Temp



In order to uninstall Stronghold Legends on your PC using Steam you will have o follow the instructions below: 


  • Locate Stronghold Legends in your Steam Library 
  • Right-click on Stronghold Legend
  • select delete local content in the menu that appears
  • after this process had been completed,  stronghold legend should no longer be installed on your system via Steam

Now you will need to reinstall Stronghold Legends.