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You should be able to avoid this error message if you run the setup.exe program directly from the DVD or CD. The setup.exe is located within the Disk1 folder on the CD or DVD for the game.


 The problem could possibly be caused by the copy protection the game uses, the first thing to try would be ensure you have the latest patch for Stronghold 2, which is currently at version 1.4.1 available here

Note to install this patch, you'll need to have updated to 1.4 first, which can be done by downloading the 1.4 patch here

If the same problem occurs, the next thing would be to ensure you don't have any of following software running:

If you have any of the following programs running in the background, you will have to either disable them or uninstall them. This is because the latest version of the copy protection software (Securom) will refuse to run with the following programs running in the background:

  • Alcohol 120%
  • BlindWrite
  • Daemon Tools
  • Game-Jack
  • CloneCD
  • Game Jackal
  • Xoom Game Clone
  • CDSpace
  • Virtual CD
  • Fantom CD
  • Anti-Blaxx

The creators of Securom have created a handy diagnostic tool, which may solve the issue you are having. If the diagnostic tool fails to solve the problem. Please following the instructions on creating a analysis file. Please click here.


A. First try locating the setup.exe within the Disk1 folder of the CD1. Once you click on this, the installation should continue as normal. If this does not work, please proceeded to step B.

B. Follow the instructions below to step 3, if you wish to remove Stronghold 2.  Otherwise to step 4 if you wish to reinstall and then play the game.

1). Click on the start button then accessories and then load Windows explorer. Now select your C: drive, click on the ‘tools’ menu and select ‘folder options’, ‘View’, ‘Hidden Files and Folders’ and finally, ‘Show hidden files and folders’.

2). Click on the Program Files folder and locate the ‘Installshield Installation Information’ folder, within this folder you will find another named {16D2C649-CBA8-44EE-B730-12584667D487}. Please delete this folder.

3). Using Windows explorer click on the C: drive and click on the ‘Program Files’ folder and locate the ‘Firefly Studios’ folder, within this folder you will find another named ‘Stronghold 2’. Please delete this folder.

(To reinstall) 4). Run the game using the setup.exe located within the disk1 folder on your CD1 and the installation should run as normal. To do this right click on the CD/DVD drive and select explore. Now navigate to the disk1 folder.


This problem could be caused by Windows not having the correct version of DirectX installed. You can check this by clicking on the Start button and then Run and typing DxDiag and look at the version of DirectX. If you are not running DirectX 9.0c then this version needs to be installed. If you insert your Stronghold 2 disc 2 or the DVD and go into DirectX folder. Then double click on DXSETUP this will run DirectX for you.


The error appears to be caused by the computer setup to use a non-European language. If you open the Regional and language options in control panel and set your computer to use English (or a language such as French, Spanish, Italian) (you may have to add a language) on the advanced panel choose the same language as is shown on the other language panel (you will need your installation CD for Windows). Also, you can change your Windows settings back to how they used to be before the game was installed. If you still experience problems try clicking codepage 28605 box and enable ISO-8859-15 (latin) encoding and try to install Stronghold 2 again.

For further help on this topic, visit:,2980,60,all>.


This problem appears to be caused by Installshield. 

  1. Open up My Computer

  2. Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Common Files

  3. Cut out the Installshield folder and paste into temporary location.

  4. Install Stronghold 2 as normal. You may want to try running the Setup.exe directly from the CD/DVD.

  5. After the game is installed. Paste the Installshield folder back into: C:\Program Files\Common Files

  6. Also clear out the Windows temp folder. Usually located under: C:\Windows\Temp


 If the autoplay fails to start you can start the installer by running setup.exe in the Disk1 folder on the Stronghold 2 disc.


This error indicates the setup failed to initialize during support file transfer. Error 0x80070020 indicates "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

Please try temporarily turning off all antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, etc. style utilities and running the install again. 

This work around, may help.

If you copy CD1 into a Disk1 folder, which you have created on your hard disk. Then CD2 into a Disk2 folder also created on the hard disk and install from Disk1 on the hard disk, without using the CDs.
This may get around the problem you have encountered. To start the installation from the hard disk go into the Disk1 folder and then click on the other Disk1 folder and run the setup.exe file.


The d3dx9_27.dll can be downloaded here.

(Windows 32 bit version only) Once downloaded, double click on the zip file and extract the d3dx9_27.dll file to your Windows\System32 directory.

(Windows 64 bit version only) Once downloaded, double click on the zip file and extract the d3dx9_27.dll file to your C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory.

To run Stronghold 2, Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher must be installed on your computer. If you have an older version of DirectX installed on your system, the Stronghold 2 installation will upgrade you to the required DirectX version. If you are having problems installing DirectX, you can download it from the Microsoft website here.

Otherwise, you can download the full installation from here.


This error is usually caused by a damaged disk; you may want to try cleaning the disk first and then try to reinstall Stronghold 2. If this fails you could attempt to copy the disk to the hard drive. Using a program, such as this one to attempt to get the data from the damaged area of the disk:

If all else fails return the game to the retailer for a replacement.

You can get more information on this problem from here:


This problem is caused by a faulty disk. We recommend cleaning the disk and try reinstalling the game.


If the same problem occurs then we would recommend getting a replacement from he retailer from which it was purchased, or contact Firefly Support at

Stronghold 2 needs to be installed in an account with administrator privileges. A useful guide to managing windows user accounts can be found here.