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If Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold Crusader Extreme or Space Colony crash immediately after launching there maybe a compatibility issue with your version of Windows. Please run the application compatibility wizard to resolve the problem. O...
Space Colony needs to be installed in an account with administrator privileges. A useful guide to managing windows user accounts can be found here [].
The following web site may help to track down the cause. []
If you are experiencing issues with no sound in-game, please work though the following steps - 1. VERIFY GAME CACHE STEAM * Open the Steam Client * Right-Click on Stronghold Crusader 2 in your Library * Select 'Local Files' and then 'Verify Int...
Uninstall and then reinstall Space Colony then update to version 1.1 and this should help.
Space Colony needs to be played using an account with administrator privileges. Check this article [] to find out more about windows user accounts.
Try creating a new user, creating a user with special characters, which Space Colony doesn't recognise, could cause the problem. You should particularly avoid using '' (backslash), '/' (slash), '*' (asterisk), ' " ' (quotes), '?' (Question mark), '<' (le...
You can copy your MP3s manually into the "_SPACE COLONYFXMP3_" folder and when you reload Space Colony they will be shown again. The default location for MP3's is "_C:PROGRAM FILESFIREFLY STUDIOSSPACE COLONYFXMP3_".
The following information may help you regarding performance issues: []