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If Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold Crusader Extreme or Space Colony crash immediately after launching there maybe a compatibility issue with your version of Windows. Please run the application compatibility wizard to resolve the problem. O...
Space Colony needs to be installed in an account with administrator privileges. A useful guide to managing windows user accounts can be found here [].
The following web site may help to track down the cause. []
Space Colony needs to be played using an account with administrator privileges. Check this article [] to find out more about windows user accounts.
You can copy your MP3s manually into the "_SPACE COLONYFXMP3_" folder and when you reload Space Colony they will be shown again. The default location for MP3's is "_C:PROGRAM FILESFIREFLY STUDIOSSPACE COLONYFXMP3_".
Try creating a new user, creating a user with special characters, which Space Colony doesn't recognise, could cause the problem. You should particularly avoid using '' (backslash), '/' (slash), '*' (asterisk), ' " ' (quotes), '?' (Question mark), '<' (le...
Uninstall and then reinstall Space Colony then update to version 1.1 and this should help.
The following information may help you regarding performance issues: []