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What are the keyboard shortcuts?
Posted by Lord Diligent (Firefly) on 03 June 2015 04:33 PM

The hotkeys which open the panels, such as the granary, barracks, etc will display the panel wherever you are on screen the first time you press that key. The second time you press the same key you will be centred over that building.

Pause Game P
Scrolling around the map S, W, A, D and Cursor keys.
Zoom in & out of map Spin mouse wheel forwards or backward or use R & F.
Rotate map Hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse or use Q & E.
Rotate Building With building selected, spin mouse wheel forwards or backward, or use R key.
Top Down View Spacebar
Interface Panel On/OFF TAB
Adjust game speed + / – (Numeric Keypad)
Screenshot ALT & Q
Keep K
Granary G (Opens the Granary panel but does not return to the Granary)
Barracks B (Opens the Barracks panel does not return to the Barracks)
Legendary Troops N (Opens the Legendary troop panel, such as the round table or sorcerers tower)
Market M (Opens the Market panel)
Castle Kitchen I (Opens the Castle Kitchen panel)
Stockpile H (Opens the Stockpile panel)
Armoury , (Opens the Armoury panel)
Siege Camp (Cycle) J (Cycles through all your available siege camps)
Cycle Estates . (Period Key) <Numeric Keypad> (Cycles through your estates)
Locate your lord L
Cycle through all lords SHIFT & L
Grouping Troops Select a group of troops and press CTRL & 0 to 9 and then press 0 to 9 to locate them.
Setting Up Multiple Waypoints Hold down SHIFT and left click.
Barracks Rally Points 1 to 7.
Round table, Ice Pit & Sorcerer’s Tower: 1 to 8
Bookmarking Locations CTRL + ALT + 0 to 9; Pressing CTRL & ALT & 0 to 9 creates a bookmark of the current location on the map. Press ALT and the appropriate number to return to this location.
Unit selection Units can be added or removed from a selection by holding down the SHIFT key then left clicking on them. Multiple units can be added to a selection by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging a box around them. Double clicking on a unit will select all of that unit type visible on the screen.
Select Units of Same Type Double-click on a troop to select all units of the same type visible on screen.
Select Single Thickness of wall Z
Select Double Thickness of wall X
Select Tripe Thickness of wall C
Linked Walls V or Middle Mouse Button (Hold down while placing walls)
Multiplayer Commands:  
Chat (All & Team) & Taunt Menu ENTER
Instant Taunt (or press Enter and F3) F1 to F12

The following speech can be accessed via the keyboard in the 1.2 patch:






F1 Chat to Everyone




F2 Chat to Team




F3 Basic



F3 - F3 



F3 - F4 



F3 - F5 


I am ready 

F3 - F6 


Follow my lead 

F3 - F7 


I'm under attack! 

F3 - F8 


My army marches to your castle 

F3 - F9 


When shall we attack? 

F3 - F10 


Who shall we attack? 

F3 - F11 


The enemy is on the move 

F3 - F12 



F4 Military


Watch out for tunnellers! 

F4 - F3 


Your castle is under attack 

F4 - F4 


I am launching my attack 

F4 - F5 



F4 - F6 


Defend my castle 

F4 - F7 


Run away! 

F4 - F8 


Defend this area 

F4 - F9 


Create a diversion 

F4 - F10 


Please send me some troops 

F4 - F11 


Use your siege engines 

F4 - F12 




F5 Economics


I need food 

F5 - F3 


I need royal food 

F5 - F4 


Please send me gold 

F5 - F5 


I need weapons 

F5 - F6 


I need wood 

F5 - F7 


I need stone 

F5 - F8 


I need iron 

F5 - F9 


I need pitch 

F5 - F10 


I need pitch 

F5 - F11 


Your request will be sent

F5 - F12 




F6 Insults


F3 Medieval




Jack o' napes! 

F6 - F3 - F3 



F6 - F3 - F4 



F6 - F3 - F5 



F6 - F3 - F6 



F6 - F3 - F7 



F6 - F3 - F8 



F6 - F3 - F9 



F6 - F3 - F10 



F6 - F3 - F11 



F6 - F3 - F12 


F4 Flavourful





F6 - F4 - F3 


Gong farmer! 

F6 - F4 - F4 


Stinking rat! 

F6 - F4 - F5 


Flee bitten dog! 

F6 - F4 - F6 



F6 - F4 - F7 


Sheep herder! 

F6 - F4 - F8 



F6 - F4 - F9 


Slippery eel! 

F6 - F4 - F10


Your head is mine!

F6 - F4 - F11



F6 - F4 - F12


F5 Modern




What are you like? 

F6 - F5 - F3


Come and have a go! 

F6 - F5 - F4


You want some? 

F6 - F5 - F5


Get lost! 

F6 - F5 - F6



F6 - F5 - F7



F6 - F5 - F8



F6 - F5 - F9


Come on Punk! 

F6 - F5 - F10


Don't give up your day job! 

F6 - F5 - F11



F6 - F5 - F12


F6 Silly 




F6 - F6 - F3



F6 - F6 - F4



F6 - F6 - F5



F6 - F6 - F6



F6 - F6 - F7



F6 - F6 - F8


Muscle brain! 

F6 - F6 - F9



F6 - F6 - F10


Lump head! 

F6 - F6 - F11


Your Time of judgement is at hand. 

F6 - F6 - F12


F7 Epic




I will make you pay for what you have done! 

F6 - F7 - F3


You will beg me to take your life before this day is out. 

F6 - F7 - F4


I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. Prepare to die! 

F6 - F7 - F5


Remove yourself from my sight or pay the price. 

F6 - F7 - F6


The line will be drawn here! You will go no further! 

F6 - F7 - F7


I'll cut your heart out with a spoon! 

F6 - F7 - F8


We will fight you on the beaches, in the hills and on the plains. 

F6 - F7 - F9


I shall give you a choice. Death or.... death. 

F6 - F7 - F10


Never again will your kind plague these lands. 

F6 - F7 - F11


Ha! Your courage will fade long before you reach my keep! 

F6 - F7 - F12


F8 Responses




Is that all you have? Pathetic! Come and get me you cretin. 

F6 - F8 - F3


Never! You lack the cunning to win this battle. 

F6 - F8 - F4


Disperse your troops fool, this field is mine! 

F6 - F8 - F5


You are far too confident, varlet. It is you who will pay! 

F6 - F8 - F6


Small words from a small mind. 

F6 - F8 - F7


You're stirring up a hornets nest now. 

F6 - F8 - F8


I will never falter and never surrender! 

F6 - F8 - F9


I'd rather die. 

F6 - F8 - F10


Your treachery is beyond measure! 

F6 - F8 - F11


How dare you! 

F6 - F8 - F12


F9 Serious Retorts




Come on then! 

F6 - F9 - F3


That the best you got? 

F6 - F9 - F4


Come here and say that! 

F6 - F9 - F5


Hold your tongue! 

F6 - F9 - F6



F6 - F9 - F7


Oh yeah? 

F6 - F9 - F8


Do you think so? 

F6 - F9 - F9


You will not get close. 

F6 - F9 - F10



F6 - F9 - F11


You may take our freedom, but you will never take our cutlery! 

F6 - F9 - F12


F10 Daft Retorts




I love the smell of pitch in the morning. 

F6 - F10 - F3


You talking to me? You talking to me? There ain't no one else here so you must be talking to me! 

F6 - F10 - F4


Do you feel lucky, page? Well page, do you? 

F6 - F10 - F5


Oh, do behave. 

F6 - F10 - F6


You seem awfully cwoss. I don't like it when people get cwoss. 

F6 - F10 - F7


Please don't kill me! I'll do anything you want, just don't kill me! 

F6 - F10 - F8


Oh hello, do come in. I'll put the kettle on, we can have a nice cup of tea. 

F6 - F10 - F9


Small words from a small fish with tiny little gills! 

F6 - F10 - F10


Oh ok, you win. Its only a game you know. 

F6 - F10 - F11


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