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I still don’t seem to be able to save a game.
Posted by Lord Diligent (Firefly), Last modified by Lord Victorious (Firefly) on 24 September 2015 12:43 PM

 Try creating a new user, creating a user with special characters, which Space Colony doesn’t recognise, could cause the problem. You should particularly avoid using ‘\’ (backslash), ‘/’ (slash), ‘*’ (asterisk), ‘ “ ‘ (quotes), ‘?’ (Question mark), ‘<’ (left angled bracket), ‘>’ (right angled bracket), ‘:’ (colon) and the “¦” (pipe).


Also, you may have created a ‘blank’ user name, try putting in a user name and see if that helps to solve the problem. You could also check whether the directory structure has been created in the user’s directory, as follows:
campaigns / saves <both in the <name> folder>

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