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Can't make Industrial Bots
Posted by Lord Diligent (Firefly) on 12 November 2014 12:40 PM

I’m trying to make industrial bots, but I still can’t make them, I’ve trained colonists and I’ve got the advanced electronics, titanium and the factory, but the colonists won’t make them.


Industrial robots will only be constructed if there is need for a new one. This happens if one of your robots is destroyed. If you build for example a Nutrient Harvester, it consists of a fixed plant, and a robot that walks around harvesting nutrients. If this robot is destroyed, because it has been walking over lava, or has been attacked by raptors, only then a new robot can be constructed.

So if your plant is not constructing robots, there are a few possibilities:
- All robots are OK, no new ones needed
- Not enough resources available
- Staff not trained properly.

Resources will be sent to the plant when needed, by the Warehouse Bots. You can not (and need not) send them manually.

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